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Happy Hour Bounce House
Happy Hour done right Beer, Bacon, and Bounce
Carlo inverted Group bounce
Carlo inverted Group bounce
dancing in the lab Budding Pringle
You can't stop once you pop You can't cease once you cytokinese

Pringle Lab at John’s 70th Birthday Party (February 2013)

John with his buddy, “Buddy” (at John’s 70th Birthday Party, February 2013)

Tamaki, Cawa, Kristen, Cory, and Lisl at Genetics Holiday Party (December 2013)

Tamaki, Cawa, Lisl, and Cory at Yosemite Symbiosis Workshop (May 2014)
Cawa, Tamaki, Lisl, and Cory at Yosemite Symbiosis Workshop (May 2014) Cory, Trent, and Tamaki at Bay to Breakers 12K Race (May 2014)

Sebastian and Cory on a serious beer night in SF (June 2014)

Cawa and Cory at the ISME Meeting in Seoul, South Korea (August 2014)

Cawa and Cory at their poster at the ISME Meeting (August 2014)

Cawa and Cory in Thailand (September 2014)

Cawa and Cory riding elephants in Thailand (September 2014) Masa, Akiko, and Cory at the East Bay 510 5/10K Race (October 2014)
Cory with homemade slime at Kristen’s Semi-Annual Science and Cocktail Night (November 2014) Megan, Noah, Cory, Julia, and Carlo doing field-work on Ofu Island, American Samoa (December 2014)

Lisl, Cawa, Cory, and Tamaki at the SICB Meeting in West Palm Beach, FL (January 2015)